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Even though the majority of law firms have remained traditional throughout the digital revolution, social media has emerged as one way lawyers can assert themselves not only as lawyers, but entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Recent surveys have shown that although traditional marketing methods are continuing to dominate in most law firms, lawyers are going to social media to not only gain new business, but for other reasons as well. These lawyers are able to deepen their professional works, to enrich their social lives and obtain news through social media channels. However, what is more important is that this trend is only expected to increase in the future.

Social media is still an uncharted territory for many attorneys. This is especially true for lawyers who work in larger firms. However, outdated rules regarding the ethics of online communication can make it difficult for lawyers to establish a presence on social media. There have been numerous examples of court cases that have been placed in jeopardy because judges and prosecutors have posted online or jurors have been caught tweeting in the middle of a trial.

Although many lawyers still prefer to err on the side of caution, there are many lawyers who are using social media and blogs to make a huge impact in their business.

The following are some ways lawyers are revving up their social media presence.

Social Referrals

These are not referrals from their followers. Instead, they are choosing to use social media to reach out to those in their professional network. Typically, law firms like Raphaelson Attorneys At Law are not looking for clients through the ‘walk in’ method. They seek to get referrals from an existing professional legal network.

Lawyers should approach social media with the same intent. The lawyer is not looking to establish a mass following with readers he or she hopes will one day call them for legal counsel. Instead, the lawyer should be trying to establish connections with other lawyers and other relevant industries in the area. This is done to establish them as the ‘go to’ lawyer these professionals can refer others to.

So, how can a lawyer begin to make these connections? The first thing they should do is begin conversations. Follow the blogs of other attorneys in the area and leave comments for any of their posts that interest you. Lawyers can also connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter is also a social media platform that lawyers are utilizing to promote their message.

Start A Niche Blog

The best way for a lawyer to display their expertise and authority in their area of law is to start a blog. By building credible source for resource information, the lawyer will be able to enhance their online professional presence.

Many lawyers who decided to jump into the world of blogs gained national attention for their legal based and niche specific blogs. However, blogs that will be written by an employee in a larger law firm will be different from a blog written by a solo practitioner.

Although many larger law firms have started blogging, the majority of them are not doing it correctly. This reason for this is that these firms are not comfortable with employees building their own brand through the firm’s blog. These law firms want to be able to control the message that is being promoted on their blogs.

Social media is rapidly changing how industries are doing business, including lawyers and law firms. When creating a presence on social media, continuously set goals to grow your audience. However, this should be a short term goal. A long term goal should include making sure your social media goals are tied to your business goals.

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